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The UK's electricity

How the UK transformed its electricity supply in just a decade — and how things are expected to continue changing. An interactive article incorporating data viz, maps and animation.

Great Barrier Reef

The largest living thing on Earth is threatened by climate change. This 'scrolly' maps four mass bleaching events.

Coral bleaching

A creative coding project illustrating the process of coral bleaching.

Age and emissions

What's your lifetime carbon budget? A interactive visualisation also embedded in the Guardian and Le Monde.

1.5C versus 2C

An infographic comparing the impacts of 1.5C and 2C of global warming, also published in Vox and the Independent.

How the US generates electricity

An interactive data visualisation, longlisted for the 2018 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.

Solar geoengineering

An isometric infographic depicting six theoretical technologies. Also on display at the Harvard Museum climate exhibit.

1.5C, 2C and beyond

An interactive "scrollytelling" article. Tweeted by Leonardo DiCaprio, and winner of 'Innovation of the Year' at the ABSW Awards 2019.

How every part of the world has warmed

A heatmap depicting how temperature is projected to change in 64,000 regions on Earth, with accompanying interactive charts.

Emissions pathways

An animated graph of pathways to staying below 2C of warming.

Peaking emissions

A collaboration with the World Resources Institute, using D3's force layout.

The world's coal power plants

This interactive is both a map and a timeline. Also featured in Vox.

The Anthropocene

An infographic explaining the new geological epoch.

The climate papers most featured in the media

A responsive infographic rendered in HTML and CSS for a crisper appearance.

Carbon countdown

How long until we burn through our carbon budgets? Featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Extreme weather

How climate change affects extreme weather around the world. Plotted on to bespoke map tiles created in Mapbox Studio.

Temperature adjustments

An animated explainer video.

Global coal trade

A map showing how coal 'flows' around the world. Also in a permanent exhibition at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum.

Carbon dioxide removal

An infographic for a Harvard research project (not online).

What's causing global warming?

This animated graph clarifies a hotly debated topic. Also published in the Guardian.

Negative emissions

An infographic showing 10 ways that ‘negative emissions’ could slow climate change.

The history of UK energy

A timeline for 'Energetic' - a book by the Open University.

The Paris Agreement

A network graph of the Paris climate deal, made in collaboration with the data visualisation studio Kiln.

Aliso canyon

An infographic putting the scale of the California gas leak in perspective.

Climate satellites

How scientists are using observations from space to study the climate system.

Extinction risk from climate change

An infographic showing predicted extinction rates from climate change by region and group

Cows and methane

Animated sequences for a video exploring how beef farmers can reduce their carbon footprint.

Planetary boundaries

Four out of the nine 'planetary boundaries' have already been breached.

Human cost

My entry to the Information is Beautiful Awards 'Human Cost' challenge came runner-up in the 'napkin' category.


I'm a freelance data visualisation specialist with over five years' experience designing bespoke visualisations, infographics, maps, interactive articles, animations and more.

I love finding new ways to tell stories with data.

Whether you're looking to create something static, interactive or animated, I'm keen to hear about your project. I can develop the whole product or act as a design consultant.

I strive to create designs that are insightful, engaging, and above all communicate effectively.

Prior to going freelance, I was a multimedia journalist for Carbon Brief, a website covering the latest developments in climate change.

My work has been featured in a number of notable publications, including the Guardian, the Independent, Vox, Le Monde, Spiegel Online, the Sydney Morning Herald and Scientific American.

My interactive on the impacts of 1.5C vs 2C of warming won the ‘Innovation of the year’ at the 2019 Association of British Science Writers' Awards. Last year, a piece of investigative journalism that I created visualisations for was ‘Highly commended’ in the Royal Statistical Society's Statistical Excellence in Journalism Awards.

I've also had work longlisted in the Information is Beautiful Awards (2015 and 2018), and came runner up in the Information is Beautiful Human Cost Challenge (2014).


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